About Me

Brianna Fay here--
Aspiring novelist, shorty story-ist, avid reader and more importantly
a high school student. Fun. I know.

I've written two books as of right now, in my junior year of high school. While one--Upon a Darker Shore-- is about to be sent of to an editor, the other--Star-- has not been so lucky. That's all right, we all have stories that don't turn out like we want them to.

So why? Why start a blog during my junior year, while editing my book, in high school (which sucks, trust me.) The answer? Mostly to get in touch. As a teen writer you don't get a lot of publicity. Actually, you get none. Nothing published? That's great. Come back next time. You have an instagram? Full of selfies? I think I'll come back later. Typical. (I take a lot of selfies. It's a thing.) So what better way to create a name than by finding other names? I love meeting writers--I do mean that I love meeting other writers. There are literally no other people in the world who get it. It doesn't seem to matter what age you are or what skill level you're at. If you meet somebody who shares that passion the whole world can seem a little bit brighter.

That's sappy. I'm a sappy person. Sue me.

I guess my goal here, in the run, is to meet people. To connect with them. To help them and let them help me. I want to let the world know where my novel is going and when it'll be published (please God, soon...) I want to host contests and feature remarkable stories on my page. I want to tell reader about the best book that I devoured in an instant.

So, welcome.
I guess I'd have to take my opening statement back then. I'm a high school junior but more importantly
I'm a writer

(and a really sappy person.)

XOXO, Gossip Girl

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